The Epicure's Journal

ep·i·cure (n.)
1. a person who cultivates a discriminating palate for the enjoyment of good food and drink; gourmet
2. a person devoted to sensual pleasures

It's the act of cultivation that is paramount to the process of being an epicure.  It's not about how wealthy you are.  Instead, an epicure is consumed with the desire to cultivate sensual experiences regardless of their station in life.   
When you pause to look at your plate and smile before eating, you'll know you're on the path of the epicure.  
This blog is devoted to documenting the journey towards culinary illumination.  As the blog evolves, so will the sensual experience until it reaches an intoxicating level.       

The reader, is strongly encouraged to participate.  Sharing your thoughts and experiences in the comments section will forever shape the journey of future readers.  Wise teachers learn as much from their students as the knowledge they are able to impart.  And both are deeply enriched by the experience.  

Follow the blog and visit frequently as we learn together.